Rekindling the Flame (New Sensations)

Molly and I really enjoyed this couples movie over a few sessions (as it usually is with us, we get too turned on to last more than two “stories”). Rekindling the Flame from New Sensations from the Heart series. If you’ve checked out some of their other Romance series, you generally know what you’ll see here. More couples friendly porn, real boobs, even some pubic hair, and at least some women that look more “real” than the mainstream porn. This delivers on all those. This one has four stories, not linked, about married couples looking to spice things up. I think many of us can relate. See the trailer below.

I’m sure I’ll get the story order mixed up, but we thought there was some really good stuff in each one and that we’ve tried to incorporate into our own routine (sans movie) to mix things up a little. One story was with a woman who looked sort of like Claire Danes and a scruffy looking Xander dude from Lost and Found. The woman was examining her roadblocks in the bedroom and wanted to try anal for the first time. After a little back and forth “are you sure?” type stuff, they get into it. Anal isn’t something either of us are really into, so we fast forwarded through what was obviously not her first time – 30 minutes of being pounded in the butt. If you’re exploring that item or enjoy it, it may be a version worth watching – but it is not a realistic account of how it will go – be forwarned.

Another story, one that we really enjoyed since we like this from time to time, was with light bondage. Featuring a hot, natural woman and her bearded husband (with an English accent, if I remember right) using some velcro wrist cuffs and a blindfold to maximum effect. We really enjoyed this and liked the light slapping and attitude this vignette brought. The end “money shot” was really fake, with a lotion squirt at the end, but we didn’t let this weak ending ruin this for us.

Role playing was another 30 minute scene (they are all roughly the same length), where a married couple takes on different personas and meet up at a hotel bar for a one night stand. They both carried their role play to the very end, where they finally take their fake personalities off and talk about what it was like being someone else for a short while. The wife was very normal looking, thicker than the average porn star which I think would make it less intimidating for wives who are a little insecure about their own bodies. The sex is pretty passionate and both get into it. At the end, they cut to a doctor/patient role play, which would be hot too.

The final one we watched was a story about a husband with a high-stress job that has to travel a lot for work. But when he’s away they try and stay connected with phone sex and other ways, recognizing it takes effort to keep the spark alive. The scene they show is the husband (who is very normal looking)back from a trip, and the wife, who looks like a typical MILF (that is, not fake 20 year old bimbo, but a little older and softer, still hot though) meets him in the bedroom ready for action. She was wearing some very cute lingerie that we could see Molly in, which added to the realness of the scene.

We really enjoyed Rekindling the Flame as a couple and would really recommend it. While we didn’t love the anal vignette, we did like how they discussed it and introduced something new in a way that spiced things up. A woman’s review of the movie here had a different take and loved that scene – different strokes for different folks. Hope you enjoy this one too!

Happy fucking!

-Alex and Molly

Rekindling the Flame (New Sensations)


Women Looks


    Men Looks







          • Couples friendly
          • Fun role playing scenarios
          • Passionate
          • Real looking men and women
          • Nice chemistry with performers


          • Men very average looking
          • Long anal scene in one story
          • Fake cumshot in bondage scene

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