Pirates (Digital Playground)

Pirates (Digital Playground) was the highest priced adult movie maybe ever costing over $1 million. Though it was made in 2005, it has stood the test of time. This movie is still one of our go to DVDs when we want to spice things up, despite having seen it multiple times. Hot women, hot men, costumes, action, sex scenes that aren’t too long, but are romantic enough and those that are just dirty enough that both husband and wife will be super turned on. Favorite of ours. Check out Pirates here if you’re interested in renting our buying it.

You can check out the trailer below:

The movie starts with some post wedding coitus, soft and loving. But then things get interesting when pirates board the ship, led by the dread pirate Stagnetti.  The true (wannabe) hero of the film is the Captain Edward Reynolds, a bumbling doofus of a captain played by the ugly-faced but huge cock’d Evan Stone assisted by his first mate Jesse Jane. There’s actually a lot of story telling that goes on in this movie, so you end up heated up, then cooled off if you watch it through – and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. They hunt down Stagnetti who is trying to find a map to a secret island, or something like that. Various sex scenes happen (a three-way in a brothel, a couple of Jesse Jane ones including a good one with the first-mate’s ex-boyfriend on the bar floor, a scene in a burning building, and after fighting pirates and reanimated skeletons, the happy married couple at the beginning hook up again. Awww.

Happy fucking!

-Alex and Molly



Women Looks


    Men Looks







          • Hot Sex
          • Shorter Sex Scenes
          • Decent Acting for Porn
          • Hot Actors/Actresses


          • Skeleton CGI is bad
          • Lots of silicone
          • Lots of blonds

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