Lost and Found (New Sensations Romance)

I thought for sure Lost and Found would be a winner for me and Molly. I LOVED it. This is from New Sensations Romance series, porn intended to be for couples and in the vein of romantic comedies or romantic dramas (Nicholas Sparks anyone?). Story is pretty basic (I think the same title as an actual movie by the same name with David Spade if I remember correctly): girl loses dog, nice guy finds dog but wants to get to know girl better by pretending to look for dog. Again, very story driven, and for some reason didn’t really turn Molly’s crank. I on the other hand really liked it as an adult feature. The actors and actresses were more “normal” looking (less fake cans and bimbo blonds) but really good looking at the same time. It did seem more sexy and real compared to many adult films out there. While this wasn’t a super hit for us (maybe a little too vanilla despite the XXX sex scenes), I do think this type of film (full list of movies here) has it’s place and has gotten a lot of good reviews, and is probably a good introduction to adult films if you have a wife who’s on the fence.

You can check out the trailer here:

The movie starts out with the protagonist David (Xander Corvus, who I hadn’t seen before but is a decent regular scruffy guy leading man) getting done with a one night stand, but hoping for a real relationship. Jen (played by Allie Haze, who is super hot in a girl next door sort of way), a new neighbor moves in next door, and loses her dog. David finds the dog but uses it to keep talking with her and helping her try and find him. Some nice sex scenes with periphery characters like David’s roommates, and Jen’s best friend and her boyfriend. But it is the Jen/David tension and then release of tension that is what makes this film. Both Corvus and Haze were nominated for best actor/actress in the AVN awards for that year, and the movie was nominated in the Best Feature category. The sex is generally convincing, and romantic (at least the last scene – the others each have different feel with the characters and the actors). Would highly recommend Lost and Found. I think all the women are natural, so there’s not the fake silicone feel of many of the mainstream XXX movies.

Happy fucking!

-Alex and Molly

Lost and Found

Lost and Found

Women Looks


    Men Looks







          • Cute story
          • Fun, hot sex
          • Normal looking men and women
          • Tattoos
          • Romantic moments


          • Longish sex scenes that dragged on
          • Tattoos

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