Eternity (2005) was one of the first adult movies we bought. It looked like an epic period piece set in the era of Pride and Prejudice or some other historical romance that Molly likes. It has decent acting, nice costumes and setting, a realistic plot, fun sex, but it tends to go on and on and on. Still, recommended as a couples movie for vanilla porn folks. Check out the very NSFW XXX trailer below:

So Eternity starts with a mother gifting her daughter a necklace on her wedding day, one that has been passed down for generations. Her mother starts telling the daughter about her great-great-grandmother who was betrothed to a rich baron type after her father died and left them poor and destitute. The movie then flashes back, with the great grandmother now played by the daughter in modern times, Stormy Daniels. We don’t particularly like big breasted blond bimbo-types, and that’s exactly what Stormy is. She’s not bad to look at, but not our favorite body type. Still, she plays the sweet, innocent maiden pretty well.

The cruel baron expects her to move in with him, and she shares a last night with her farmhand lover in the stable before she has to move on to a new life. She then gets married to the rich guy, who she is trying to give the benefit of the doubt. They have some post-wedding sex, which has some sexy lingerie and pretty looking sex, but there’s something off about the chemistry. We didn’t love Randy Spears who plays the baron either, or maybe he played his asshole role so well we felt distaste for him as an actor. Either way, it’s not a bad scene and fits within the context of the movie. Before I go too much further, this adult film is based around the story, which tends to go long and belabors the points. As such, it moves sometimes excruciatingly slow between sex scenes, though the sex scenes themselves are paced nicely and move along, unlike many porn films.

As the plot advances, you see some sex scenes with the blond handmaiden and the servant guy, the guard and prostitutes hired to distract him so the now-wife can escape, some extra-marital action by Baron von Doosh (one of our favorite scenes actually), some girl-girl action with the handmaiden and now-wife, and a final scene with a rescuer and the wife before the grand finale battle between him and the rich nobleman.

So this one was good as a backdrop for our own sexual escapades, as you didn’t feel like you were missing anything sex-wise or plot wise by our own physical engagements. It was very well shot with great costumes and set pieces, but also as plain vanilla as you can get for an adult movie. For that reason, it could be a great introduction to the medium if you haven’t gone that route before, but for many it may be too vanilla or boring due to the general story pacing. We didn’t particularly care for the primary actors (Stormy and Randy Spears) which are in most of the scenes, though there wasn’t anything physically wrong with them. It took us a few tries to get through this one, and certainly did the trick of setting the stage for the real thing as opposed to keeping our attention (like Emma Marx), so it won’t turn anyone off.

Anyways, to sum up, Eternity may be right up your ally, and isn’t the worst thing we’ve seen by a long shot. Though if you’re a regular couples porn watcher, unless you love historical romances, it may be a little too vanilla.

Happy fucking!

-Alex and Molly



Women Looks


    Men Looks







          • Great costumes and sets
          • Interesting story
          • Well done sex scenes
          • Some passionate scenes


          • We weren't fans of main actors
          • Pacing somewhat slow
          • Maybe too story-driven
          • Sex very vanilla
          • Blond Fake Boobed Barbie Doll type actresses

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