About us

We (Molly and Alex) are a typical married couple (14 years and counting) with two kids under 12. Just like you, we like to keep our marriage spicy and find new things that keep us engaged to each other. We’ve found that we both like adult films when we watch them together, but tend to like those with pretty people and romance, with some semblance of a story to hold it together. Adult movies for us are simply make believe, a time to laugh together at the fakeness that is porn, but still get turned on (and turn each other on) despite those facts. We give honest reviews (written by Alex, about our experience) and hope that you find them valuable. These movies, and reviews, have been collected over years, with new ones (or old ones as it may be) added to the mix when we get around to them.

As a general disclosure, these are all affiliate links, so clicking through to buy or rent movies from Sugar DVD -which is like the Netflix of porn – helps us, and we greatly appreciate that. We are old school and still buy or rent DVDs and watch them in our bedroom at home. Fun times!

I warn you in advance we tend to like couples porn that isn’t too edgy, so avoid stuff that focuses on fetishes like cuckholding, cheating wives or husbands, incest, and gangbangs, but you’ll see reviews on movies with bondage, orgies, some movies that may contain anal (though not Butt-centric movies) and single people doing single people things. We’ve also checked out a few “guides” over the years as well to help open new things or teach us better ways of doing stuff. Basically we like happy movies without topics that make us feel uncomfortable.

So happy fun and romantic sexy times to you and yours!

Alex and Molly

Alex and Molly